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In The Way We Was, the writers showed us what life was like for the Bower and Micelli families before they crossed paths. The episode did a great job of transporting us two years back in time, but a few things had changed on the set that slipped by the set decorators' eyes in preparing for it.
The bench by the window, for example, wasn't in the Pilot; nor the desk. Other minor things had changed on the set between the first and second episodes (which were filmed nearly a year apart).
The pictures on the wall under the staircase hadn't been hung, yet. There's no desk next to the staircase; no side table on the landing. There's a different vase on the coat rack.
The pictures on the wall with the "Grandma wallpaper," next to the fireplace, were different. The chair back stage (by the study) was replaced.
The pictures above the swinging door to the kitchen were switched, the wall coloring changed.
In the kitchen, the wood panel under this cabinet was removed between the Pilot and Briefless Encounter. Decorations were added to the refrigerator. The water container and pictures near the door weren't in the first episode; neither was the towel rack. In fact, the wall the rack was on was made to be slightly longer.
The spice rack was also replaced. No decorations were on the wall next to it.

Finally, in the upstairs hallway, the grandfather clock had changed (the original one would be later used in A Spirited Christmas) and there was no window on the far wall (by Tony's room).