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Billy's bedroom seemed to appear out of nowhere...
Another view of Billy's room. How could he have his own room? Whenever company came over, somebody was always forced to sleep on the couch (or even the attic), due to lack of sleeping quarters.
Tony walks in to Billy's bedroom, only to find out that he isn't asleep.
Mona walks into Billy's room. Notice how the area outside his room has changed. There' s now another door in the hallway, outside his room.
Another view from a moment or two later. Tony and Angela rush downstairs. If you look closely, you can see where the wall ends, after the door next to Billy's room The staircase wall is also visible.

Later in the scene, after hearing the toilet flush, Mona asked Jonathan who was in the bathroom. Jonathan replied that it was Greg, Billy's friend from gym class. Mona then ordered Jonathan to send him downstairs after he got out, in order to pretend he was Billy... Technically, Greg was in this room, because the guest bathroom was located here in Boozin' Buddies.

So, where exactly is Billy's bedroom? If you didn't guess from the two captions above, his room is next to Tony's. Billy is walking in that direction in the picture to the right, from Inherit the Wine.