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Angela's bathroom in Briefless Encounter...
...and in Misery. The shower/tub combo is now built-in to the wall.
In Briefless Encounter, Tony planned to take a bath in Angela's tub, because hers was the only one in the house... So, what is this, if it isn't a bath tub?

This guest bathroom swing set was used only in Boozin' Buddies. If the Bower House were real, this room would overlap Tony's and Jonathan's bedrooms.

Later in the series, this room was labeled as Billy's bedroom.
The door outside Angela's bedroom normally opened to a linen closet...

(Briefless Encounter pictured)

However, the space was used as a bathroom in Tony and the Honeymooners. If the Bower house were real, this bathroom would overlap the closet in Samantha's bedroom.
This upstage room, behind Mona, has been labeled as both a linen closet...

(Losers and Other Strangers pictured)

...and a guest bathroom. In Mother and Child Disunion, Tony explained to a guest that the bathroom was around the stairs and to the right, suggesting that the door to it is actually within the linen closet.

(An Affair to Forget pictured)