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Whenever the backyard wasn't needed, designers utilized a backdrop.

(Image from Angela's First Fight)

However, many episodes from Season 3 on up use a full backyard set, complete with picket fence (certainly looks more consistent with an upscale neighborhood than the rickety fence in the first picture).

(Image from Selling Sam Short)

The set decorators couldn't seem to decide whether they wanted grass in the back yard or not. Here, we see a fairly large patch of grass under the picnic table.

(Image from The Two Tonys)

This shot was taken at a bad angle, because you can see, behind the game tent, where the wall for the entrance into the living room ends...and there's no other adjoining wall - just a backdrop.

(Image from Party Politics)

The area behind Mona is the "4th wall" that's rarely shown on-camera. In this case, it's a backdrop representing a neighboring house (with a picket fence on the backdrop, in addition to the constructed one). Notice the house set ends about 5 feet after the bay kitchen window. The designers forgot to accommodate for the dining room.
Another view from a farther distance. Notice that the wall (perhaps a storage shed?) normally on the other side of the oudoor set (top and left) has been moved. Also, what's up with the weird angular patch of grass?
The set designers really took some creative liberties with the back yard set in Party Politics. I'm guessing this isn't the normal outdoor area, but a swing set. In the picture to the right, you can see that the fence line has been pushed over by about 10 feet. Where Tony's standing is where the fence usually runs.