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A running joke throughout the series was that Angela could not carry a tune. In It Happened One Summer (pictured), the family gets a collective migraine when she belts out Kumbaya. She also doesn't sound so hot in Season 3's Always a Friend.
However, in Tony and the Dreamtones (pictured), Angela has a beautiful singing voice. Then, in Nineteen Again, she sounds awful when trying to sing Stop in the Name of Love. Of course, she was also sloshed.
In The Fabulous Robinson Sisters (pictured), Angela gets up on stage and sings Fever. She sounded like a pro. A few episodes later, in Between Rock and Hard Place, her music voice isn't so melodious again.
Later, in Seer of Love, she can't sing again. The jeweler suggested she take voice lessons. So can Angela sing or not? You be the judge.