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:: Same Character, Different Actor

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After seeing Mrs. Rossini kiss Mona's boyfriend, Clifford, Tony stands by the kitchen door, shocked. Angela enters from the dining room, oblivious to what happened...or is she just feigning ignorance? Look to her right and you'll see the kitchen set.
Tony and Angela watch Mrs. R. kiss Cliff.
Both of them are obviously surprised at what they see. But, why is Angela shocked? She just came from the kitchen.
Mona enters from the dining room...erm, kitchen.
Further into the scene, Mrs. Rossini et al. enter the dining room from the kitchen. As you can see, the dining room is connected to the kitchen, here, unlike earlier shots...
Tony sneaks out of the dining room for a moment. Notice that the kitchen is no longer visible through the door.
Tony throws Clifford out of the house. Again, the dining room can now be seen through the door. So, what happened earlier when the kitchen was visible?

The dining room area is a swing (temporary) set; not part of the ordinary WTB? set. Since the kitchen area was needed in early parts of the episode, and had to be visible by the audience, the dining room wall was taken down. That's why you can see the kitchen through the door (which is also not part of the regular set). Later in the episode, when the kitchen was no longer needed, the wall was put up again.