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It's the beginning of the episode and Angela is walking into the kitchen. Notice the rolled-up area rug in the living room.
Later in the same scene, Jonathan enters from the living room. Take a look at the sooty chair.
Mona tries to open the chimney damper. Notice that the area rug is on the floor, as it normally is.
Angela gets home from work to find that Tony made a mess of her living room. Notice that the rug is rolled-up, again. Angela notices this, too, and asks why... Now, if the rug was rolled-up at the beginning of the episode, why is she asking why it's rolled-up now?

Here's why: The beginning scene (first picture) was probably taped after the scenes where Tony cleans the chimney. The fact that the rug was rolled-up when the first scene was filmed obviously slipped by the editors and made it into the final cut. Oops.